FAQ: After an Invisible Fence Brand Installation

FAQ: After an Invisible Fence Brand Installation

Installation FAQs

1. How long does it take to install a Invisible Fence Brand system?

The installation of an Invisible Fence Brand system typically takes between 2-3 hours. This may vary depending on the layout of the property and other factors such as landscaping and the type of surface we are burying the wire in.

2. Who should install my system?

It is important to select a trained and certified Invisible Fence Brand Professional for the installation of an Invisible Fence Brand system. Our installation specialists will ensure your system is properly customized to match your property layout and individual needs.

3. What type of preparation is needed prior to installation?

Prior to installation, the property must be surveyed and marked to ensure proper installation of the Invisible Fence Brand system. Additionally, all equipment and components must be on-site before installation can begin.

4. Will the installation affect my landscaping?

Invisible Fence Brand Professionals will take great care to make sure your landscaping is not disturbed during the installation process. Your installation technician will take the time to discuss the installation layout prior to beginning work to ensure minimal impact on your landscaping.

5. What type of maintenance is needed after installation?

Invisible Fence Brand systems are designed to be virtually maintenance free. All components are warranted for at least two years and will be tested and checked at the time of installation. We also recommend regular system checks to ensure proper operation.

6. Are maintenance agreements available?

Yes, Invisible Fence Brand offers annual maintenance agreements for customers who want additional peace of mind. Maintenance agreements ensure that any issues are identified and resolved quickly, ensuring the reliable operation of your system for years to come.