FAQ: Invisible Fence Brand Control Panel and Correction

FAQ: Invisible Fence Brand Control Panel and Correction

FAQ: Invisible Fence Brand Control Panel and Correction

If you have an Invisible Fence branded pet containment system, here are some common questions and answers about understanding and using the control panel and correction settings.

What are the components of an Invisible Fence Brand control panel?

An Invisible Fence brand control panel consists of four main components: the power supply, collar receiver/transmitter, correction strength selector, and range selector.

How do I adjust the correction level?

The correction strength selector is used to adjust the intensity of the correction. To adjust the level, simply turn the dial on the control panel. The control panel also allows you to select the appropriate correction level for a particular pet.

How far will the Invisible Fence system reach?

The range selector on the control panel is used to adjust the range of the system. It can be adjusted to a maximum of 500 feet.

What are some of the tips and tricks for adjusting the Invisible Fence control panel?

  • Start low and increase gradually: When selecting the correction level for your pet, it’s best to start on the lowest level and increase over time if needed.
  • Check the collar: Verify that the collar is functioning correctly by performing a simple test with a metal spoon.
  • Check the batteries: Make sure to replace batteries as needed.
  • Adjust the range: The range selector may need to be adjusted to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Overall, understanding how to adjust the control panel of an Invisible Fence system requires practice, but with a little patience, you can easily learn how to work it.