How to Keep Your Dog From Digging in Your Flower Bed

How to Keep Your Dog From Digging in Your Flower Bed

How to Keep Your Dog From Digging in Your Flower Bed

Are you worried about your furry companion digging up your flower bed? If so, there are a few steps you can take to discourage this behavior and keep your garden looking beautiful.

Provide an Alternative:

It’s important to give your dog an alternative outlet for their digging instincts. Create a designated area in the yard for them to dig in. This should be a separate area, away from your flower beds. If your dog is particularly fond of digging, you can even fill this area with sand or loose soil and bury treats in it to encourage your pup to dig in the right place.

Exercise Regularly:

Exercise is an important part of every dog’s routine. Make sure your pup is getting plenty of walks and playtime. Regular physical activity can help curb some of the more destructive behaviors, like digging.

Bury Chicken Wire:

Bury chicken wire just below the surface of your flower beds. This will create an unforgiving surface for your canine companion and discourage them from digging in that area. Make sure the wire is well hidden so your pup doesn’t discover it and get injured.

Train Your Dog:

With a little patience and dedication, you can teach your dog to stay away from the flower beds. Try using the “Leave It” command. Whenever your pup starts to dig, interrupt the behavior with the command and give them a treat when they stop. This will help reinforce the command and let your pup know that they get rewarded when they stay away.

Use Distractions:

If your pup starts heading towards the flower beds, use a distraction to redirect them. Try giving them a chew toy or taking them for a walk. This will help break the cycle of digging and keep your pup’s attention off the flower bed.

Following these steps can help reduce digging in your flower beds and keep your garden looking its best. With a little patience and the right strategies, your pup will learn to stay away!