How to Keep Your Dog From Roaming

How to Keep Your Dog From Roaming

How To Keep Your Dog From Roaming

Roaming is a common problem for all types of dog owners. Whether you have a small, house-trained dog or a large working breed, a well-meaning pooch can escape from home and go wandering. To ensure your dog’s safety, here are some tips for preventing your pup from roaming away:

Exercise Your Dog Regularly

One major cause of roaming can be boredom or a lack of physical activity. To prevent this, take your dog out for regular walks, or play a game such as fetch. This will help keep your pup physically and psychologically stimulated, as well as tire them out enough that they won’t feel like exploring on their own.

Secure Your Fencing

Be sure to inspect your yard’s fencing and keep it secure. A sturdy fence with adequate height is key to preventing your pup from getting loose. If you’ve got a larger breed, you may need to add a roof or a buried barrier.

Train Your Dog

Teaching your pup commands like “stop” and “come” can help them stay in check, even when off-leash. This will also be beneficial if your pup does escape, as you can call them back with the obedience they have been taught.

Keep Your Dog Permanently Tagged

Make sure to keep your pup’s collar snugly in place and keep their doggy tags up to date with your current contact information. This will make it easier for a passerby to contact you if they notice your pup roving around.

Limit Exposure to Triggers

Consider what kinds of distractions might make your pup want to roam. Small animals or loud noises outside can easily pique your pup’s curiosity, causing them to break out and explore. Consider blocking your pup’s access to windows or doors to keep visual and auditory distractions at bay.

Keep An Eye Out

The most obvious tip is to always keep an eye on your pup. Test your fencing regularly and don’t let your pup out of your sight. Roaming can be dangerous, and preventing it is key to ensure your pup’s safety and wellbeing.


You loved your pup enough to bring them home, so keep them safe and sound. Following these tips, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of your pup running off or getting lost. With just a few simple steps, you can help keep your pup safe and prevent them from roaming.