How To Stop Your Dog From Begging For Food

How To Stop Your Dog From Begging For Food

How to Stop Your Dog From Begging for Food

Is your four-legged companion begging for food each time you eat? It’s time to put a stop to it, and luckily there are ways to do so. Your pup will be better behaved if you follow these tips:

Understand why your dog is begging for food

Your pup is begging because they’re being rewarded for it. Feeding them from the table creates an expectation that they’ve been fed so they’ll keep asking for more. Showing them attention is another reward; when their obedience is met with petting and verbal cues, they’ll continue to beg for attention.

Ignore your dog

When your pup begs, don’t look at, talk to, or touch your pup. This reinforces that that behavior isn’t acceptable and that they won’t get the attention or results that they want.

Don’t give in

Do not give your dog any food or treats when it’s begging for it. This teaches them that the way to get what they want is to keep asking for it.

Give your pup something to do

Redirect your pup when they start to beg by having them sit or stay. Provide a toy or Kong with treats to help distract them from the food.

Reward the opposite behavior

Reward your pup with treats and attention when they remain calm and don’t beg. Teach your pup the “down” and “leave it” commands to help get the behavior that you want.

Following these tips will help your pup learn that begging for food isn’t appropriate behavior and slowly phase it out.
Just remember to be patient and consistent with your pup and reward them for making good choices!

In conclusion, training your pup to stop begging for food is all about setting boundaries and rewards. By understanding why your pup is begging, ignoring them when they do, not giving in, providing them something to do and rewarding the opposite behavior you’ll have a well-trained pup in no time.