Invisible Fence® Brand Expands Direct Service Area in Maryland

Invisible Fence® Brand Expands Direct Service Area in Maryland

Invisible Fence® Brand Expands Direct Service Area in Maryland

The Invisible Fence® Brand family of pet containment and lifestyle products is growing. The Maryland-based company announced recently that it has expanded its direct service area in Maryland, allowing them to serve more customers than ever before.

Benefits of Direct Service Area Expansion

The invisible fencing system has been designed to offer pet owners a secure, humane way to keep their pets within their desired outdoor boundaries without the need for a physical fence. This expansion in the Maryland service area offers pet owners a more convenient and cost effective way to keep their pet safe and sound:

  • Local Service – Pet owners can now access local installation and service staff to help create the ideal Invisible Fence® boundary system for their home.
  • Professional Installation – Professional installation and service teams can create the fence to precisely meet the customer’s pet and yard needs, as well as answer all questions and concerns.
  • Data Driven Solutions – Every Invisible Fence® is custom-designed for each yard and pet, using data about the environment, pet size, terrain, etc. to ensure a perfect fit.

About the Expansion

The expansion of their service area will cover much of Maryland, including Baltimore City, Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties and other regions in the state. Pet owners in the area will be able to take advantage of the Invisible Fence® Brand product line, and improve their pet’s safety and lifestyle.

The Invisible Fence® Brand is dedicated to providing pet owners with the best solutions for their furry family members. This expanded service area is just one more way for them to help pet owners everywhere keep their furry family members safe and happy.

If you’re in Maryland and interested in learning more about Invisible Fence®, contact your local authorized dealer or visit the Invisible Fence® website for more information.