Invisible Fence Brand Expands Direct Service in Indiana

Invisible Fence Brand Expands Direct Service in Indiana

Invisible Fence Brand Expans Direct Service in Indiana

Invisible Fence Brand, the industry leader in pet containment and lifestyle solutions for pet safety, is expanding its direct service in Indiana. Starting this summer, pet owners in select counties in the state of Indiana will be able to purchase and install the Invisible Fence Brand directly from company representatives.

Why Expand to Indiana

After recent successes in the Michigan region for Invisible Fence Brand, the company has decided to expand its direct service to pet owners in Indiana. This is the first expansion outside of Michigan for the company in the past five years and demonstrates the company’s commitment to pet safety and customer satisfaction.

What Pet Owners Can Expect

Invisible Fence Brand products offer pet owners the latest in pet safety technology. Here’s what pet owners in Indiana can look forward to:

  • Flexibility to Select the Best Product: Pet owners will be able to select from a variety of different Invisible Fence Brand products to find the one that best suits their pet’s needs.
  • Dependable Installation: Company representatives will provide reliable and knowledgeable installation services to help pet owners get the most out of their Invisible Fence Brand product.
  • Expert Advice: The staff of Invisible Fence Brand representatives is available for advice on pet safety, containment requirements, and product installation.

Get Started Today

Invisible Fence Brand is currently accepting orders for direct service in select counties in Indiana. To learn more about Invisible Fence Brand and the products and services offered, visit their website or contact a company representative today.